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Vision and Learning

Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADHD or Dyslexia?  Is your child struggling in school or dislikes reading?  Find out how a vision problem can mask itself in different ways

Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation, concussions, strokes and other TBI's

Suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury?  Find out how we can help with Post-Traumatic Vision Syndrome to help get you back to being comfortable with every-day visual tasks

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy uses various non-invasive procedures and exercises to improve eye conditions and eye function.  It's all about training the brain!

Sports Vision

Are you an elite athlete trying to get a visual edge? Or an amateur athlete looking to improve your performance.  Sports Vision is an evidence based technique to help you see the puck quicker, see the baseball earlier, see the field better it can help with all sports!

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