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Megan’s Story………


During optometry school I started to notice that I was experiencing increased headaches and fuzzy images when reading for extended periods of time.  When I was fatigued and listening to my professor’s I would notice two professors for a long period of time after I blinked.  As a child I knew I hated reading long chapter books and avoided reading for long periods of time.  For example, I acted as if I hated vegetables so I just never ate them.  Problem solved right?  As I chose a career in optometry there was no working around the very long nights of studying and reading so I was forced to face my symptoms that I honestly had repressed to childhood memories.  It was not until talking with my vision therapy teachers that I realized I had an eye turn called an intermittent esotropia that manifested when I fixated for long periods of time.  Without the knowledge of my teachers who specialized in vision therapy, I never would have known to head down this path.  I started right away at vision therapy and this is where my journey started with Dr. Khamis.  Realizing board exams would be approaching soon and I knew I needed to be able to withstand long hours of the test.  Dr. Khamis was very thorough in making sure my diagnosis matched all my therapies to maximize positive results.  He was very patient in working with me and I owe him all the thanks to being able to read for extended periods of time, not getting tired during long lectures and reduced headaches.


-Megan Tucker, 26

Bri's Story


I was in car collision in May of 2017 which resulted in a life altering concussion that lasted for 6 months. I was basically unable to do any of the things I enjoyed doing or was required to do. I could not walk my dogs, do laundry, clean the house, cook a meal, read a book, use a computer, watch TV, have meaningful conversations, concentrate on any task that required thought, I was unable to work and I could only drive very short distances. I was extremely frustrated and upset that my life had come to a halt. I was referred by my optometrist to Dr. Khamis and his team, who have been instrumental in helping me regain my independence and my life.


With their support and guidance I have recovered my ability to read, write, walk my dogs, watch TV and use the computer. I just recently was given the go ahead to return to work where I can actually feel like a productive member of society again. I no longer feel nauseated when I try to read- I can actually read a book for as long as I want. This is a huge accomplishment as after my concussion I could not even read a sentence without becoming nauseated, developing a headache and dizziness. I can drive as far as I want without having to plan routes where it’s avoiding turns which makes life much easier and takes less time! I have returned to my old self!


Having Joan and Dr. Khamis there to support me and encourage me along the way has been a true blessing. Even when I struggled with the tasks they gave me, their reassurance helped me push through all of the difficulties I faced. Thank you for helping me to get my life back!



Larry's Story

I wish to thank the great staff at London Vision Development Centre at the Highbury Huron Optometry here in London Ontario.


The three individuals Dr Khamis, Joan and Kopila. treated my post concussion problems and helped re align my eyes and brain connections.


Weekly treatments over the first four months in  2019, certainly helped  link my brain with my two eyes  I had experience a car accident in 2018 in which my head smashed out the side driver window and caused difficulty in linking my brain and  two eyes. 


I recommend them for helping individuals with post concussion difficulties.




Paul's Story

This program is for adults and children. I recommend Joan and her team for any of your visual needs. The team and Doctors are qualified and express genuine concern for their patients and the patients needs.

Ella's Story

My sport vision training experience was fun. I liked that half of the sessions were in the room at the office and the other half were in the gym. In the office I found every exercise was very fun, especially the virtual reality. In the gym I found that they made the exercises specific to hockey goalie, which was very helpful. Also, Dr. Khamis prescribed me contact lenses which really helped my game. I didn’t even know I needed them.

I find that the visual take-aways that I apply on the ice are actually things I do before the game. Dr.Khamis gave me vision exercises to do before the game and now that I changed my warmup, I find I have a much easy time tracking the puck when I’m on the ice. Secondly, I find that my peripheral vision has gotten much stronger. I can now see a lot more than  what is right in front of me. My last take-away that I apply on the ice is that I find my reaction time is much better. Same with my hand eye coordination.

Tim's Story

The vision therapy treatments are easy to do, they only takes about 15 mins a day to do and are beneficial. I had a concussion years ago and have had lingering side effects since. This helped

R's Story

Dear Dr. Khamis,


I don’t know how to express my feelings. Without your help I wouldn’t be able to have a normal life again. After that terrible incident I felt like a disabled person. I didn’t see any light at the end of tunnel. You and your team were the light. You changed my difficult life to a better and brighter one. If I can laugh again and be positive it’s all your help. I really really appreciate your help. You not only treat my eyes but also helped me to stay positive and continue getting better. I am grateful to you all( Dr. Khamis, lovely Joan and Kopila) 

I wish you all the best. 


Best regards,


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