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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a doctor prescribed set of vision treatment procedures that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses.  It is done in-office and supplemented by home therapies.  Vision therapy is comparable to physical therapy for the eyes where vision disorders are corrected to improve patients' visual function and performance. Vision therapy can be described as “training the brain” as it looks to provide permanent life-long changes to achieve clear comfortable binocular vision.  


Children can have difficulty in school performance if they have problems with things such as eye-tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing and this can make school and reading extremely difficult and can result in poor school performance.  At the London Vision Development Centre we have the hi-tech equipment to provide individual reading analysis on each of our patients and help treat the above condition.  Vision Therapy also helps with , lazy, crossed or wandering eyes.  80% of what we comprehend and see relies on our vision and therefore vision therapy not only helps children but is effective in Adults as well.  Adults who would like to achieve clear comfortable binocular vision or have suffered a traumatic brain injury can also benefit from Vision Therapy. 


Vision Therapy can help in all aspects of life and we encourage you to give us a call so we can answer any more of your questions!

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