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Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation, concussions, strokes and other traumatic brain injuries.

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation is a subset of vision therapy that deals with visual disorder that are a result of concussions, brain injuries, development delays or other neurological disorders. 


An evaluation at the Sarnia Vision Development Centre will involve in-depth testing which will evaluate how well your vision functions, and to what degree it is impacting your daily life and activities, including, reading, playing sports, driving, balance and movement (tying shoes, filling up a glass of water etc). 

At the London Vision Development Centre a Neuro-optometric visual evaluation is unique because in addition to the traditional eye exam and basic binocular vision skills, and eye health, we do performance testing to see how the visual process is interacting with other sensory feedback mechanisms.

After a brain injury, visual symptoms can range from being very subtle to dramatic.  The very subtle visual symptoms may be the most frustrating because they require very specialized testing to detect,  so the patient often feels like no one believes them or can tell what they are going through.


Symptoms of post traumatic vision syndrome (PTVS) include:

  • Light sensitivity

  • Blurry Vision

  • Double Vision or convergence insufficiency

  • Focusing problems

  • Peripheral vision constriction

  • Visual Tracking problems

  • Anxiety with visual tasks

  • Reach and grab inaccuracies

  • Balance and movement difficulties like drifting when walking, stumbling or falling

  • Driving difficulties, lane positioning, depth perception, speed maintenance, multi-tasking, navigation.An example with trying to drive with double vision

We do bill HCAI and WSIB directly,call us to find out details!

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